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5K Race Route
Gosling Field to Bow High School back to Gosling Field

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BACtober Fest 5K - Parking Guide

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Parking Guide for BACTOBER FEST

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BACtober Fest 5K - September 25, 2021

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Registration is now open for our first annual BACtober Fest 5K

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2021 BYBS Cash Calendar Winners

Posted by Bow Cal Ripken Baseball at May 27, 2021 10:03AM PDT

We hope all the boys and girls are enjoying their Spring Sports.

Thank you to everyone being patient with us concerning the BYBS Cash Calendar YTD winners. Below, please see the list of winners for each date. Please refer to your copy of the cash calendar to see what the prize is. For any winners that have not received their prize, please contact Robyn Bedard Malone here or at

Congratulations to all winners thus far. We will continue to update the winners here and on BACs website.

5/8 – Bridgit McKerley
5/9 – Beth Reagan
5/10 – Cindy Prescott
5/11 – Courtney Beach
5/12 – Tim Sullivan
5/13 – Kathy Whitehead
5/14 – Jeff Malone
5/15 – Anthony Pappas
5/16 – Keith Roberge
5/17 – Denise Arnold
5/18 – Cheyenne Lee
5/19 – Michele Moreau
5/20 – Marti Dennelly
5/21 – Ben Davis
5/22 – Sarah Hanson
5/23 – Denis Kolehmainen
5/24 – Deb Bradley
5/25 – Zach Buote
5/26 – Danielle Miner
5/27 – William Barnett
5/28 – Jaye Rancourt
5/29 – Robin Boutot
5/30 – Charles McCullough
5/31 – Shelly Folsom
6/1 – Bridget Pinard
6/2 – Elizabeth Pierce

Dick's - BYBS Appreciation Day

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BYBS Appreciation Day starts next Friday and will run for four days!!! Get 20% off ALL merchandise in the store! Grab your baseball, softball and any other gear you need for Spring.
A percentage of all purchases is considered for future monetary support from Dick’s. They contribute to our baseball and softball programs every year…this is a great way to get stuff for yourself and family, while helping out BAC and a supporter.