2018 All-Star Tryouts

Posted by Bow Cal Ripken Baseball on May 10 2018 at 02:27PM PDT in 2018

Although we have had All-Star tryouts on the books for some time, we never officially had the time of day or location. We are happy to announce that the times have been established, the impartial evaluators are chosen and the field is Gergler.

All the information you will need is in the attached document; however, I will elaborate on a few issues.

First, these are tryouts, not evaluations, so not all the boys will be chosen for the team. In years past, teams have usually been comprised of twelve players. Also, although these are tryouts, decision to place a boy on one of the teams is NOT just based on athletic talent. The evaluators and coaches are looking closely at sportsmanship as well…how they listen, behave, treat others, encourage team mates, etc. etc. Second, in order to qualify for the team, a boy must play in at least 50% of the regular season games. As you will read in the document, the boys placed on a team will be expected to make this team a priority over other teams. Their attendance for practices and games is expected by the board and coaches. Practice times have not been established yet, and will be chosen by the head coaches of the teams. Historically, practices have been one day a week until the regular season ends, and twice a week afterward.

Last, and we can’t mention this enough (as you will see in the document), this team does not guarantee equal playing time. These teams are specifically put together to create the most competitive team possible. We never lose sight that the boys are playing baseball because it is fun, but All-Star teams enter the State tournament trying to win. If your boy is chosen, do not expect equal playing time.

Please see the attached document for all the information you need. Although I might kick myself later for offering this, if you do have any questions concerning All-Star tryouts, team formation, league age, or the tournament itself, please email me. I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.

If your boy is trying out, please print, read and sign the attached document. Please have your boy bring his bat, helmet, glove and water bottle. Please make sure they are wearing cleats. Also, please come ready to give shirt size and three choices of jersey number in the case they are selected. The boys will be run through fielding, throwing and hitting stations.

Good luck to all those that tryout.


Mark Nadzan

Bow Cal Ripken President

The document 2018_Bow_All-Star_Tryouts_Letter.docx was attached to this post.


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